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We'll arrive with our with a trailer, bottling unit, and hoses to pump wine from a winery’s tanks to the mobile bottler’s filling tanks. Wineries are usually responsible for providing the bottles, closures, and labels, as well as some onsite staff to ensure everything goes smoothly and to assist with the labor. Here's your checklist to make sure things go as smoothly as possible when we arrive.


Here’s what you need to be ready:


Electrical hookup with 240V/60 amp/4-prong plug (If this is not available, we

will provide a generator and a service fee will be added).


Glass bottles


Corks and foils, or screwcaps


Labels on a 3” core and a roll with 12” maximum outer diameter, front and back label on the same roll


Nitrogen or argon for sparging and leveling (2 tanks, minimum)


4-5 assistants for loading empty bottles onto the conveyor, boxing full bottles as they come off the conveyor, moving full cases to the pallets, and moving and replacing pallets as necessary


A forklift or pallet jack for movement of the pallets


Clean, cold water hook up for the steam generator


Sanitized hoses and fittings from the tank to the pump and the pump to the bottling filler


Plastic stretch wrap for rewrapping full pallets


Winemaker or designated decision-maker that can approve fill levels, label positioning, and proper cork or cap closure and security

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